Roll Top Baths

Roll Top Baths

bring style into your bathroom with a roll top bathtub

Traditional roll top baths are unsurpassable when it comes to adding style to your bathroom. A simple curling of the sides adds much more than you’d expect to the overall feel of the bath, and makes it fit to add to any bathroom. Don’t think that the classy looks and decadent feel of this style of bath means that they are out of your price range though, as we specialise in providing products for the lowest price possible – and this is certainly the case with the baths in this section!

The baths in our roll top category come in a range of different styles, from corner or slipper baths for one person to double ended varieties that will fit two people with ease. You can choose from one that has ornate claw feet or go for the more sleek straight lined sides. They come in a variety of materials that includes acrylic, natural stone or cast iron as well as several choices of size so we are sure that you will find the ideal fit for your bathroom.

the roll at the top gives this bath an elegant look

Because of the characteristic curve at the top that gives each one a distinctive and elegant look they are all freestanding and many are built to accommodate a shower over. They also come in a choice of colours – while most are traditional white, you’ll also find blue, black and many other colours too. This means that you’ll find the perfect choice for you, regardless of what your current bathroom already looks like. Now all you need to do is take a look through our selection and find the right one for you.

At the Bathroom Discount Centre we also offer loads of other items for your bathroom too, such as accessories, furniture and lighting. So why not spend some time looking through them as well and see if there’s any other ways to compliment your choice of roll top bath and add to the style of your bathroom?

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