Corner Basins

Corner Basins

Quality Corner Sinks and Washbasins from Top Brands

A corner sink is the obvious choice for rooms where placing a basin in the traditional way, flat against a wall, is not appropriate, such as when there simply isn’t enough space to do this? Well, in this situation, a washbasin that fits neatly into a corner could well be the perfect solution. This means that most washbasins are purchased by those with smaller bathrooms or indeed for a cloakroom, although some people purchase them simply because they prefer their looks. Whatever your reasons though, if you purchase one of these styles of basin on this site, you’ll be incredibly happy with what you receive.

Our corner basins all come with our massive price reductions, meaning that, considering their quality, they are some of the best value around. You might also find some in our special offers section too, meaning that you absolutely have to look there as well – you wouldn’t want to miss out on a bargain, would you? When you are looking around, you’ll see well-known names such as HIB, Benesan and Catalano, which is proof of how good the corner sinks on this site really are.

Basin Solutions for Corners

Just because this sink is meant to go into a right angled space you would think that you are stuck with a triangular shaped bowl. On the contrary you have the choice of a variety of different shapes including a triangle. So if an oval, square or even a lozenge shaped bowl is more your style, then we’ve got just the thing.

If you are purchasing one of our corner sinks, please don’t forget that you might also need to purchase taps, as well as items such as traps, wastes and bottle traps. Luckily you’ll find all of these right here as well, so you can get everything you need in one go!

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