Exposed Valves

Exposed Valves


Whilst not the minimalist solution of its counterpart concealed option, an exposed shower valve can be an equally attractive choice. It’s difficult to imagine a better way to start the day than with a glorious hot shower; the luxurious surroundings, perfect water temperature and because you chose an exposed valve to control the temperature it’s a luxury you can indulge in with ease.


While still blurry from sleep it’s a relief to know that controlling the water flow and temperature is the easiest thing in the world thanks to your shower having an exposed valve design. With separate flow and input controls you are in total charge of the rate and heat levels and once set these can be left for the next time or changed at the turn of the tap. For your peace of mind we can offer models which have a safety stop function where the heat control is set to 38 degrees, but also has a manual over-ride for those who prefer a hotter shower. In addition there is a safety shutdown system which will automatically cut off the flow should either the hot or cold water supply fail, so no danger of scalding or an unexpected cold deluge.

The idea of having the valve in your shower exposed doesn’t sound very glamorous or attractive but don’t despair these fittings are sleek and beautifully designed in sparkling chrome finish. Easy to clean and hygienic they are perfect for the modern home. You can choose a square, round or oval profile to fit in with the design of your bathroom and indeed these elegant fittings can make something of a statement.

If you are looking for an easy to use, attractive, exposed shower valve we can certainly find you the perfect solution.

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