Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot Shower Doors

Best prices on pivot shower doors

Pivot shower doors are the perfect combination between space-saving ingenuity and perfect practicality. With doors that partly open up into the shower, as well as still having that reassuring security when they close, you won’t fail to love your pivoting door for your shower cubicle when you purchase one from the Bathroom Discount Centre. There’s something else that you’ll love about all our products too: they are all heavily discounted, meaning that you’ll be able to buy one for a price you can afford!

So what is a pivoting door for a shower cubicle?

The main difference between a door that pivots and its closest comparable hinged option is where it is fixed. With a pivot, the fixture is at the top and bottom, slightly set back from the side edge on one side. The result when pivoted is that the widest part of the door opens outward and the narrowest part is pushed inside the cubicle. The main advantage of this type of opening is one of space saving if you have a small room where a fully opening solution would not be an option. There are disadvantages that you should consider though, and one in particular that needs careful thought. Because the fixtures are at the top and bottom and slightly along from the end of the shower tray you will not get such a wide opening as a conventionally fixed option.

While all pivotal solutions have the same basic principle, they all differ in many different ways. For example, you’ll find enclosures with different glass thicknesses; ones with different types of glass; as well as ones with frames of different colours and also frameless versions. Basically, you’ll find everything you could possibly want when it comes to pivot shower doors at this site! So why not take a look through them now and find the one that’s perfect for you?

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