Concealed Valves

Concealed Valves

Great value concealed shower valves

At the Bathroom Discount Centre we stock a very extensive range of concealed shower valves & mixers, ranging from complete kits through to just a single outlet. You might not think that such a mundane component should be the first thing on your shopping list when buying a new shower, but there’s no denying that they are incredibly important and, perhaps more pertinently, can really affect the way in which the entire bathroom looks. So, just because they are concealed, be sure to select your shower mixer carefully! And with the range we have here, you’re bound to find the one that’s perfect for you…

All our valves, concealed or otherwise, are of the highest quality, from companies that we’ve specially selected thanks to their great reputations. These companies include Lefroy Brooks, Saneux and Crosswater – all names that you’d associate with class, style and decadence. They aren’t usually the cheapest though, but we’ve applied huge discounts to all our products, meaning that everyone can now afford to buy the best.

Plenty of choice of shower valve designs

Whilst the functioning parts of the valve is hidden away, don’t think that you don’t still have a lot of choice over how it looks. Indeed you can choose to have a very contemporary and modern look or to go down the traditional route, you can go minimalist with a compact, single outlet or have as many as 3 or 4, it’s entirely up to you. And the options don’t end there as there is a whole range of finishes to choose from too. Don’t forget that we also stock a huge range of other types of showers as well as concealed shower valves here on the website, so why not take a look at those while you are here?

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