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Toilet Douche

A toilet douche is a great addition to any toilet, contributing hugely to the comfort you’ll feel while using it. A toilet douche is essentially an attachment that can be added to the toilet, which emits a gentle jet of water. The toilet douche is then used in the same way as a bidet, aside from the fact that the douche is handheld and therefore can be directed to your liking. It should also be noted that the use of a toilet douche can reportedly have health benefits.

At the Bathroom Discount Centre we offer a large range of different toilet douches, plus we also sell individual components, such as a handset or a valve. All of the toilet douches we sell come in chrome – meaning that they match almost every bathroom’s current décor – and they also come with our full guarantee. What’s more, every single toilet douche we sell comes complete with a nice discount, meaning that they are affordable to everyone.

So, if you don’t have the space for that bidet you’ve always wanted, why not consider a toilet douche instead? They’re easy to fit and affordable to buy, so please take a look through the great selection here at the Bathroom Discount Centre – we know you’ll love what you see! For more information, please click on the product you like, or alternatively feel free to call or email us today.