Toilet Douche

Toilet Douche

A douche is a neat addition to any toilet

A toilet douche is a great addition to any WC contributing hugely to the comfort you’ll feel while using it. A douche is essentially an attachment that can be added to the pan, which emits a gentle jet of water. Once fitted it is then used in the same way as a bidet, aside from the fact that it is handheld and therefore can be directed to your liking. It should also be noted that using this type of hygiene accessory can reportedly have health benefits and is certainly a way to enhance your hygiene routine. Another benefit of this kind of personal cleaning solution is that it can be environmentally friendly because you will use less loo roll.

Features of a handheld toilet douche

At the Bathroom Discount Centre we offer a large range of different complete units, as well as also selling individual components, such as a handset or a valve so that you can update your existing system. All of the hand held spray systems we sell come finished in chrome – meaning that they match almost every bathroom’s current décor and making them extremely easy to keep clean – and they also come with our full guarantee. What’s more, every single product we sell comes complete with a nice discount, meaning that they are affordable to everyone.

Of course the real beauty of this kind of system is that it takes up very little space in your room, being just an accessory to your actual WC. So, if you don’t have the space for that bidet you’ve always wanted, why not consider a toilet douche instead? They’re easy to fit and affordable to buy, making them the perfect alternative.

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