Flush Plates & Levers

Flush Plates & Levers

The all-important Flush for any Toilet

The levers, buttons & chain pulls that make up the toilet flushes found here at the Bathroom Discount Centre are all designed with one thing in mind: to be the cherry-on-the-top of any bathroom, adding that little accent to make it look finished and, perhaps more importantly, personal to you. This personalisation doesn’t need to be expensive though, as we offer all of our products at knock-down prices, meaning that you’ll be able to afford exactly what you want when you shop with us. Perhaps that’s the reason why people come back to us again and again?

As with many of the products that you need for your bathroom, the flush is just as versatile, with many designs and styles as well as a whole range of functions. Not only do you have to decide whether you are looking for a traditional lever, or even a chain pull or indeed something more modern such as a push button. Off course, a lot will depend on the sort of WC you have installed. For instance, if you have a high level cistern then you will need a pull chain whereas if you have a cistern that is hidden behind a wall then you are likely to require a button system.

Water Saving Flushes for your Toilet

If you are keen to save water where possible then a dual flush is an obvious choice, allowing you to decide just how much water you use each time you use the loo. There are even designs where you can have a stop start button so you can dictate exactly what quantity of water is used on each use. Perfect for those times where the loo just needs a bit of a freshen up! Whatever style and functionality you require for your toilet flush you can be sure that you will get quality built in with products from prestigious names such as Lefroy Brooks, Heritage, Saneux and Grohe.

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