Shower Wastes

Shower Wastes

No Shower is complete without a waste

They might not be the most exciting things in the world, but every shower needs a waste of some sort installed to cope with the used water, otherwise showering would become something of a wet and soggy affair. So don’t ignore their importance when installing your new shower unit! Luckily, we make finding the right component for the obvious task of disposing of your waste water easy for you, as we have a massive selection here on this site. This means that everyone should be able to find the exact drainage system that is perfect for them. So why not take a look through our shower waste category now and see which one is right for you?

Create style for your shower with our wastes

Our gigantic selection of wastes comes from a number of different manufacturers, all of whom are known for producing some of the finest quality products available. These manufacturers include names such as Zamori, Saneux and Bette. Just by looking at the names we stock, you’ll be able to tell that we only have the finest products here at the Bathroom Discount Centre! You’ll also find a large selection of materials and finishes to choose from, including stainless steel, silver or satin nickel or chrome. There is also a range of colours to choose from including plain white or antique gold. All our products provide a high flow rate for the water, and several have a removable top for easy access to clean and a trap to easily remove hair so that you can prevent blockages.

One look at our collection will let you know that just because this is an everyday item doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be stylish and smart. If you’d like to know anything else about the shower waste available for your bathroom, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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