Bathroom Light Fittings

Bathroom Light Fittings

Low Cost Light Fittings for Bathrooms

Our bathroom light fixtures and fittings are the perfect way to brighten up any bathroom, giving you a well-lit but also stylish feel. We’ve selected all of our bathroom lighting incredibly carefully, to ensure that we offer only the best to you, plus we’ve also made sure our prices are low – in fact, they’re so low that anyone can afford to shop with us! We know that you’ll struggle to find names such as Astro Lighting, Lefroy Brooks and HIB cheaper anywhere else.

The selection of bathroom lighting we offer comes in many different types. We have downlights and spotlights for the ceiling, as well as a number of different wall fixtures in a range of colours and styles, from traditional through to ultra-contemporary. There’s no way you won’t find something for you, so why not take a look now? If you need any help or advice with choosing, then we’re more than happy to talk with you via email or phone.

When it comes to selecting the light fittings for your bathroom there are a few considerations that you must take into account given that water and electricity don’t really mix well from a safety point of view. But don’t worry it’s really easy to ensure that you stay safe whilst you are suitably illuminated.

Light Fitting Ratings Specifically Suited for Bathrooms

There are various ratings that will guide you to choosing the correct fittings, for example all electrical fixtures in a bathroom should be at least IP44 and when it comes to your shower enclosure then you need at least IP65.

Don’t forget that we also offer many different products as well as bathroom light fittings and fixtures, including exterior lighting, bulbs and accessories. This means that you don’t need to look anywhere else for anything to do with your home – you’ll find it all here on our website!

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