Low Profile Shower Trays


‘Keeping a low profile’ has been given a whole new meaning when it comes to bathroom design, and a low profile shower tray can add that gloss of sophistication to any modern bath or shower room. Browsing through our large selection of such products you can choose a height to suit your needs.

We have on offer shower trays with a profile as low as forty five millimetres or you can opt for an ultra-low twenty five millimetres, the choice is yours. There is no doubt that having a sleek minimal base can really up the ante when it comes to the overall appearance of the finished look. Added to this is the convenience and ease of movement that these trays afford and you can quickly appreciate the appeal.

Included in our range are stone resin shower trays, whether low profile or standard, the double skin offers you all the strength and rigidity that you are looking for but are still relatively low in weight while the acrylic capped mouldings have the additional benefit of being anti-bacterial. This property, combined with the easy clean surface, make it child’s play to keep your shower sparkling and hygienic.


It goes without saying that we stock all the variations of shapes and sizes that make finding the perfect combination for your particular room so easy. Combine this with our amazing prices and frankly astonishing sale deals and you can see that you just need to decide on the size and shape of your new low profile shower tray and you will find just what you are looking for at a price that will make you smile.

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