Bi Fold Shower Doors

Bi Fold Shower Doors

Fancy a Bargain on a Bi-fold Solution to your Cubicle

Of all the shower enclosures we sell here at the Bathroom Discount Centre, bi-fold shower doors are possibly the most popular. And why wouldn’t they be? They are easy to install, simple to keep clean and work perfectly – three vital aspects to any enclosure. On top of these massive benefits, all of the folding doors, whether they have bi or tri options, on this site are incredibly affordable, thanks to the huge discounts we offer on each and every one. So why would you go anywhere else when looking to buy a door for your shower cubicle for your bathroom?

We sell bi-fold shower doors from three of the biggest names in the business – Saneux, Merlyn and Lakes Bathrooms. These are prestigious names usually associated with posh bathrooms, but not after we’ve discounted them! All of them come in glass, however you’ll find differing glass thicknesses; different frame colours; and a number of different designs, from simple through to more complex creations. Remember that we’ll also give you a full warranty when you purchase any of our products, plus we offer free delivery for all orders over £500.

Why Choose a Bi-fold Door?

Well, the main benefit of this type of opening is that it needs very little space to open so that you can gain access to the enclosure. Two panes of glass will fold together when opened by sliding along a track. Another, less obvious but non the less important, benefit is that when opened, the screen goes inward over the tray, whereas other types will swing outwards depositing drips of water all over the floor unless it is wiped down before opening.

So now is the point where you get looking, as we know that you’ll find the perfect bi-fold shower door for your needs right here! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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