Quadrant Shower Trays


Is your bathroom a little short on space? You’d love to fit a shower in but then the door wouldn’t open…don’t despair, a quadrant shower tray could be the answer to your problems. These clever bases with their gently curved profile can steal those few extra inches that might make all the difference and even if you have all the space in the world they are still a really neat way to give your shower a slim-line, bang up to date, profile.

Don’t think because you have opted for a quadrant profile your shower tray options are then limited. We stock such a range of sizes with both left or right handed fittings, square or offset options and can offer versions with chrome, fast flow wastes to ensure that the drain can cope with even that highest of water flows. If you can’t fit the pipework under the floor don’t worry, we can supply panel sets which allow you to raise the tray to accommodate the plumbing. So you see that for every problem there is usually a solution and with our great selection of products we pride ourselves we can come up with the answer.


We source our bathroom fittings from a truly impressive spread of different manufacturers including Simpsons Showers, Zamori and Merlyn, all of which enables you to benefit from such a generous array of styles and finishes that you can truly be spoilt for choice. Add to this our now famous, value for money deals and amazing sale prices then you can clearly see that if it’s a quadrant shower tray you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

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