Shower Heads

Shower Heads

The benefits of a fixed shower head

Shower heads are the most luxurious way to shower, pouring down water over you in a way you’ll never have experienced before. Unlike movable handsets for your shower, these fixed heads are large, therefore providing the scope for much more coverage, plus they can hover directly over you for the most luxurious experience possible. There’s also no doubting that they look absolutely stunning, adding a touch of class to any bathroom lucky enough to have one. So, why not take a look through them now and see which one would best suit your bathroom?

A large choice of fixed head styles for your shower

There are many different characteristics of our heads that you’ll love: they come in a range of different styles, they are manufactured by some of the most well respected names in the business, and they have a number of different colours. You can choose between square or round options and we even have an option for a blade style to give you a waterfall effect, as well as a combination of standard and waterfall flow, so if you can’t decide right now simply have both! That way you can change the flow you have on a day to day basis as the mood takes you. Perhaps the most impressive feature though is their price. We reduce every single item we stock, so you will be able to afford to install one of these in your bathroom, therefore helping to turn it into the room you’ve always dreamed of.

When you are looking through the Bathroom Discount Centre, please bear in mind that we offer a full guarantee on everything you purchase. If you would like any more information on any of the fixed shower heads we have in stock, please don’t hesitate to call or email us today – our friendly team is waiting to hear from you!

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