Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats

A Seat is a Finishing Touch to any Toilet

At the Bathroom Discount Centre we have a large selection of toilet seats and fittings. The seats we offer are designed to add that personal touch to any bathroom, and we also offer a choice of hinges and fixings to ensure you get the perfect fit. Whilst it may not be the first thing you think about when purchasing a WC, we think you’ll agree that they are very important – which is why we stock such a large choice right here! So please take a look through everything we offer and decide which is best for you…

A Variety of Seat Options for your Toilet

There is an endless set of options for you to choose from and this will depend entirely on what kind of finish you are looking for.

There’s the usual plastic style which comes in either white or black and in a range of shapes from standard oval to more daring shapes such as octagonal. You can also opt for a wooden style in either oak, pine or mahogany or indeed these too could be painted white. Indeed there is even a throne style, complete with ornate brackets. It’s easy to create a modern look to a tired room with the simple addition of a sleek toilet seat or turn a contemporary new WC into something more traditional with a classic look.

There is also a large range of styles when it comes to the lid, but there is one thing that we do recommend that you go for and that is one of these soft close functions which will prevent any nasty shocks in the middle of the night when you accidentally drop the lid whilst everyone else in the house is sleeping.

When you do look through our range of toilet seats and fittings, you’ll notice that everything in this section – as well as every other – has had its price reduced. So why wait? Snap up a bargain for your bathroom today!

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