Bevelled Mirrors

Bevelled Mirrors

Introducing Sophistication With A Bevelled Mirror

If you are looking to add that indefinable touch of sophistication to your bathroom a bevelled mirror can do the trick instantly.

Gone are the days when a mirror was just there to check that you were clean and tidy; these days it is also expected to enhance your bathroom, making it feel brighter and more spacious. A well-chosen and cleverly positioned mirror, especially one which is bevelled, can do all this and more. That cunning edging can really up the ante when it comes to adding sparkle and if you have another on an opposite wall the effect can be magical. At our sensational prices there is really no need to limit yourself to one!

Stylish Mirrors With Bevelled Edging

Not only are our prices very budget friendly we have an amazing range for you to choose from. Browse through our huge selection of bevelled mirrors and you are sure to find the perfect one (or why not two) for you. With a great choice of shapes and sizes up to 825x600mm you can really reflect your personality. Round or oval, square, rectangular or arched we can guarantee you will be spoiled for choice. There are vintage styles and ultra-modern, models that tilt or have a built in shelf or are framed in glass, metal or mirror. You have twin basins? No problem, HIB do a generous 1200x600mm landscape version complete with that stylish bevelled edging, so plenty of room to share even in the busiest of households. At the generously discounted prices we offer even the three fold bathroom mirror with nickel plated brass frame from Arcade becomes an affordable luxury.

So if you are looking to re-vamp or upgrade a tired bathroom and bring it singing and dancing into the modern era just see what a bevelled mirror can do to give you that touch of glamour.

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