Waterfall Taps

Waterfall Taps

Cascading Waterfall Taps

Waterfall taps are a great take on what could otherwise be a fairly standard feature of any bathroom – a design that completely changes the way in which the water is delivered! Instead of the water spurting out of the end like we’ve come to expect, the water cascades over the end, just like a miniature waterfall. A feature like this will really make visitors to your home say “wow” and can add to any bathroom, regardless of style or size. So why not give your bathroom looks a boost today by purchasing one of the many waterfall effect taps offered right here at the Bathroom Discount Centre?

As with all of the other types of taps we offer, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that we only stock the very best. This means that we feature names such as Hansgrohe, Saneux and Crosswater – all of whom are known for their fantastic quality. You might think that brands like this cost loads of money, but this isn’t the case here, as we apply discounts to all of our products. This means that everyone can now afford to buy a stunning tap now!

Choose from Spouts to Blades to Create your Waterfall

When it comes to the design you have plenty of options to choose from including the very clean blade which is wall mounted and flush so there is nothing protruding and produces a wide, clean flow or perhaps you’d like a spout that changes colour depending on the temperature of the water that is falling.

Don’t forget that we also offer a huge range of other products for your bathroom. You might want to add a new sink to your basket, or perhaps you could add some accessories to provide even more stylish features to your bathroom and make your new waterfall tap look even more amazing? Whatever you need, we’re here to make sure you get it, at a price you can afford.

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