Bath Screens

Bath Screens

remove that curtain and install a shower screen

A bath shower screen can really make a difference in a bathroom, especially if your current bath is simply covered by an old curtain. It’s not only a device to stop the water from the shower from spilling out all over the room, but a real centrepiece – something that allows you to put a personal touch on the bathroom. Luckily for anyone looking for a replacement for their curtain or glass panel for their bathroom online we stock a huge number of them, so everyone will be able to find something that is perfect for their needs!

Our range of bath panels encompasses everything from simple plain glass panes through to more elaborate designs, incorporating features such as curved sides and chrome frames. Some slide and some open outwards; some are aluminium, some are silver; and we also have many different glass thicknesses. Our glass screens are made by many well-regarded companies, such as Eastbrook, Matki and Qualitex Supplies, amongst others. What’s more, they are all priced at a price you can afford, thanks to our policy of adding massive discounts to all our products.

single and multi pane shower screens

Options to think about include whether you want a single pane or multiple (we’ve anything from 1 to 5 available on our website), clear or frosted glass. Do you want it to be hinged, folding or inward opening or would you prefer it to be fixed in place? We even have an option to have an enclosed cubicle. Many also include special coatings to make them easy to keep clean and hygienic.

We’ve got everything from showers through to bathroom accessories, so you’re bound to find at least one other product you want to purchase. So, once you’ve selected the best bath shower screen for you, we’d encourage you to take a look through the rest of our site, to see if you can find anything else that takes your fancy!

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