Steel Baths

Steel Baths

Massively discounted steel bathtubs

Steel baths might not be as popular as their acrylic cousins, but they are certainly catching up. Anyone looking for a unique look and feel to their bathing experience should consider the steel bathtubs featured here at the Bathroom Discount Centre – These tubs all have our trademark massive discounts, making them affordable to everyone! After all, we have a name to live up to, so we couldn’t possibly not offer a discount on these sturdy and durable baths, now could we?

All of the steel made baths that we sell come in white, which is standard throughout the industry. This white, neutral colouring means that every bath made of steel that is available on our website or in our showroom will look perfect in any bathroom, regardless of its current colour scheme and design. Now you just have the task of choosing which of the steel bathtubs you want. Will you choose a stylish one with rounded edges? Or perhaps you’d prefer a high-end tub from Bette? Or maybe you want a freestanding bath, complete with claw feet, to add a stunning feature to the bathroom? How about a tub made for two, we’ve some very stylish double ended options. The choice, as they say, is yours…

Why choose steel?

Well, first of all they are incredibly strong and sturdy, which means there’ll be no flexing with this type of material. This also makes them durable and long lasting and they’ll look as good as new in years to come.

Aside from this popular option we have many other materials to choose from, with acrylic and cast iron being just two to mention.

We understand that with the huge number of baths we offer, not only steel ones, choosing can sometimes be tough. So why not call or email our customer service team to get some advice, help and recommendations on getting just the right steel bath for you?

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