Illuminating Mirrors

Illuminating Mirrors

Adding Style With An Illuminated Mirror

Why not add some style to your bathroom today with one of the illuminated mirrors from the Bathroom Discount Centre? With everything from Hollywood style through to more understated designs, all of our illuminating mirrors are specially selected to make applying your makeup, shaving or just generally posing, an easier experience, plus some of them also come with some amazing features – features you won’t believe you needed in your bathroom but now that you know you can have them for such a good price we know there’ll be no stopping you! So why not take a look through everything we have to offer and see which one takes your fancy?

Branded Mirrors With Built-In Illumination

Our mirrors with built-in illumination are without doubt some of the best you will find –mirrors from brands such as Qualitex Supplies, Hudson Reed and Roper Rhodes. Some of the special features you’ll find added to our products include clocks, inbuilt demisters, radios, USB ports and even Bluetooth connectivity. So not only will you be able to see yourself clearly when doing your normal bathroom routine, you now know that you’ll never be late again as you can keep an eye on the time whilst practicing the latest karaoke song to wow them down the local.

Despite the fact that our mirrors come from such great names and have so many features, we’ve still managed to keep the prices incredibly low, applying massive discounts to every single mirror in our range, whether it’s illuminated or not. Have you ever seen such a great range of illuminated mirrors for prices this low before? While you are here, why not also look at some other ways you could improve the look and feel of your bathroom? We have everything ranging from showers through to cabinets, so we know you’ll find something else that you love here too!

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