Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

The benefit of a Quadrant enclosure

Quadrant shower enclosures have two main advantages, with the first of these being that they are absolutely stunning, adding a new dimension to any bathroom that has one. As well as this, they are also one of the most practical options for people with smaller rooms, thanks to the fact that the doors slide open, therefore meaning that no room is needed around the shower to accommodate an outward opening door. You can always count on the Bathroom Discount Centre to provide you with the best solutions to your bathroom problems!

Smart Solutions in Quadrant shower enclosures

If you’ve room in a corner of your bathroom then the best type of solution is a quadrant cubicle which will fit snugly across the space whether it is large or small. We have square options, especially good if the area is tight or, if you’ve plenty of room you could have an oblong version, so you can share with a friend or practice your latest dance move whilst showering. You can also choose whether the screens are curved or angular, whether you want a single door or a more luxurious double door opening. To make life even easier for you, we also have options that open from the left or the right.

You might think that this style of cubicle would be expensive, and usually you’d be right. However, with us they aren’t, thanks to the excellent discounts we apply to each and every one of them. All of our showering solutions, including quadrants, are made by prestigious names like Merlyn and Saneux and are included within these discounts, as are showers of many differing specifications, such as polished aluminium ones and ones with smoked black glass. We know you won’t find a better selection of quadrant shower enclosures anywhere else, so why not take a look through them now?

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