Double Basins

Double Basins

Double basins, the ideal solution for larger families

Do you have a large family, all vying to use the bathroom at the same time? Or perhaps you have an en-suite that you and your spouse both fight over in the morning? If either of these are true, then you should seriously consider one of the double basins found right here at the Bathroom Discount Centre. They allow two people to get themselves ready for the day side by side and, perhaps more importantly, reduce the stress caused by rushing around and waiting for other people to finish!

Halve your Morning Wash with a Double Basin

You might think that the installation of a duo of sinks is a complicated process, but it’s no more difficult than a standard basin. They’re great value as well, as you’ll get twice the amount of sinks, but for much less than a doubling up of the normal price – mainly due to the fact that we have added massive discounts to all of the basins we sell. When you take a look around, you’ll also see that we have a huge variety of different styles of basins for you to choose from, ranging from standalone sinks through to large units that incorporate a cupboard or drawer facility, perfect for all those extra toothbrushes and soaps. You can also choose whether to have just one large, trough type bowl or two individual bowls that stand side by side. There is also a range of options available when it comes to the taps as well.

So if you find yourselves short on time in the mornings why not let a pair of sinks take the strain, after all sharing a double basin with someone is a much more friendly affair than having to wait your turn, patiently or impatiently!

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