Walk In Shower Trays

Neat design makes a walk in shower ideal

A walk in shower tray is a must have item in any bathroom where you have opted to install a walk in enclosure of any sort. As with all the products we stock, our walk in options are supplied from a quality brand. In this instance we stock Zamori 35mm high, stockists of the largest range in the United Kingdom.

The real beauty of these walk in shower trays is that, at only 35mm high you can create a minimalist look to your bathroom. Because they are of such a slim design they can be easily set into the floor to give you a flush, level floor. Another plus for Zamori is that they use an anti-bacterial agent that is impregnated into their products and and anti-slip system that has the highest rating available.

Benefits of a walk in tray for your shower

The obvious benefit in this kind of tray is one of accessibility. Because it is designed to sit flush with the floor there is no upright lip around the edge to trip over nor stub your toe on as you stumble, half asleep, to get your early morning shower, it makes it very easy to enter or exit the cubicle especially for people with reduced mobility, such as disability or old age.

Other benefits include the ease with which it is to keep the whole area clean, simply because there is a lack of corners to trap dirt and limescale and ease of access to reach all areas that a small cubicle with sides and corners does not have.

At the Bathroom Discount Centre we have several size options for you to choose from, so simply choose the correct size of walk in shower tray to fit your space. All kits come with the required fixings to ensure that you get a level base.

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