Shower Baths

Shower Baths

shower baths, the perfect solution for you

Shower baths are the perfect solution to the problem many of us have – not having the space to comfortably move around when showering. Most of them are specially designed to be wider at one end, allowing the user the luxury of showering in comfort, without constantly knocking against the wall, glass panel or anything else in the way! When you pair this with a nice hot power shower and your sweet-smelling toiletries, the morning’s drenching will be the most relaxing part of your day!

Not everyone has the luxury of having enough space in their bathroom to have a separate cubicle, so a bath that accommodates a shower above is the best solution. We stock a huge range of different baths for you to choose. We have stylish design options from Bette, Heritage Bathrooms and ClearGreen, to name but a few, and we also have products to suit all budgets.

the variety of design options for shower baths

Some of the options for you to choose from include ‘P’ shaped or ‘L’ shaped designs as well as pear shaped. You can also choose whether you want it to be left handed or right handed. Or, if you are really strapped for space you can have a standard shape as well. The one important thing to remember though is that when you take a shower you are standing up in just one part of your bathtub rather than lying full length so the bath must be designed to withstand this sort of use. Everyone is catered for here – plus we’ll keep adding new ranges as well so if you don’t see anything that fits the bill today, come back soon to see what we’ve added!

You’ll also find a full range of screens that will fit with any of our shower baths. Turning your humble bathtub into a multi-function area will make the most of your bathroom.

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