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  • Raindance
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  • Metris
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  • PuraVida
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  • Focus
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  • Talis
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  • ShowerSelect
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  • Axor Massaud
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    Axor Massaud
  • Axor Starck
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    Axor Starck
  • Axor Urquiola
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    Axor Urquiola
  • Axor Citterio
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    Axor Citterio
  • Axor Uno
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    Axor Uno
  • Axor Montreux
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    Axor Montreux
  • Croma
  • Crometta
  • Ecostat
  • Isiflex
  • Metaflex
  • Metropol
  • Sensoflex
  • Variarc

BathDisc Bring Hansgrohe to the UK

Although proud to display the ‘Made in Germany’ motif, the Hansgrohe UK market is very strong. Backed up by the high quality, durability and design oriented style of their products, the recipe for their success is simple; a passion for water.

Founded in 1901 in the Black Forest, Hansgrohe has quickly grown, reaching not just the UK and Europe but globally with their inventive, trend setting ideas for showering and bathing. From the very beginning they have been creating milestones. First in 1928 by introducing the first hand held shower with a porcelain handle, giving everyone more options than simply standing under the water stream. And you know that little vertical bar that lets you easily position the head exactly where you want it to be? Well that is one of their inventions too. Introduced in 1953, they caused a sensation, now they are a standard feature in our bathrooms.

Caring for the Environment

Not content to produce innovative and exceptionally well made fixtures and fittings they are also passionate about the environment and making sure that sustainability and climate protection are always at the forefront of anything they do.

By fitting their products with EcoSmart technology, which requires up to 60% less water than other products, means not only will you be using less of this precious commodity but also less energy to heat it. This means that not only will it be kinder to your pocket but also to the environment. And, if you think that this means that your enjoyment will be impaired then think again. Because of the unique mix of air, the flow is plumped up. It’s a win, win!

If you’d like to get your hands on any of the award winning, stylish and environmentally friendly taps or showers from Hansgrohe in the UK, just browse through our wide range listed below for inspiration.