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ClearGreen, Eco-friendly & economical baths

As the name suggests, ClearGreen Baths create environmentally friendly baths and shower screens as well as a range of accessories for their products. The brand is the latest offering from Bradford based Clearwater.

Whether you are looking for a fitted bath or a free standing version, a screen that fits over a bath or complete screens for a shower enclosure, there is something in this collection that will fit the bill.

With excellent credentials such as a stronger build that can withstand 2.3 tonnes, heat retention of 30 minutes longer than other standard baths, a 10 year guarantee and manufactured using 30% recycled material. Each bath comes with a galvanised steel leg frame and 100mm diameter steel reinforcing rods that help to support the bath rims where necessary.

Whilst the normal material used for the baseboard of a bath is chipboard, ClearGreen use an encapsulated recycled composite baseboard that is not only stronger than ordinary chipboard but it is also greener too.

Ergonomically designed baths the ClearGreen way

Not content with making sure that your bath is as green as possible, the designers have made sure that the baths are as comfortable as possible. Taking on board research into making products as ergonomic as possible has resulted in creating baths that have an angle between 113 and 133 degrees between your back and leg as this is the optimum position to ensure the best possible comfort and support.

Their clever and innovative design style has been carried over to their glass screens for showering, with a range of options from square to curved or even rounded screens. With a stain resistant coating which ensures that limescale stains are a thing of the past and a ten yr guarantee these screens make a perfect choice.

All in all, we feel that these ergonomic and eco-friendly credentials means that ClearGreen Baths will be a stylish, comfortable and economically solution for your bathroom.