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Concealed Cisterns

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Add a Concealed Cistern to your Bathroom

When it comes to toilets, you have a large choice but a concealed cistern is one of the neatest. These are hidden behind the toilet, either in a cabinet or in the wall itself, and are therefore completely out of view – meaning no more having to look at them! What’s more, if you go with the option of concealment within a cabinet this creates an extra surface for storage, which is a great added bonus.

Just because a toilet has a cistern that is concealed though certainly doesn’t mean they are all the same, as you have a large choice of options in a variety of designs and features. One thing that is similar though is the price, as every single one of our products has been discounted, so everyone can improve their bathroom for the lowest possible price. It’s all part of the service we offer at the Bathroom Discount Centre – the UK’s number one place to buy everything for your bathroom.

All the Ins and Outs of a Concealed Toilet Cistern

There are a few things that you need to think about if you decide that this is the right type of toilet for you.

Are you going to hide it within your actual wall or are you going to create a false one? The beauty of a false wall is that you can create a shelf above and behind the pan that would run the whole length, creating some useful storage and display. Alternatively you could consider a cabinet option that hides all the workings.

Of course, if you’ve gone for a wall hung pan then you will obviously be requiring this type of system but it will also work with floor standing WCs too.

We also have a number of different components that will be vital when installing your new concealed toilet cistern – all of which also come with large discounts.