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Shower Tower Panels

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Increase your shower appeal with a stylish tower panel

You could be forgiven for thinking that these tower shower panels are some sort of futuristic spaceship control centre, and in a way you’d be right. Stepping inside a cubicle or enclosure with one of these panels will transport you to the height of luxury and your showering experience will be out of this world. What’s more, they are not expensive to buy, especially when you buy from the Bathroom Discount Centre! This is because we reduce everything we sell here in order to ease the pressure on your bank account.

What to expect from a tower panel

So what do you get when you purchase such a shower as this? Well for starters you get a drench head for standing underneath. Plus, just in case that is not enough, you get a hand held spray for directing just where you want some extra flow. But, what really turns these towers into something special for your showering pleasure, these panels also have a combination of body jets that turn what would be an already above average shower into a spa like experience. You can choose from a range of other options such as three, four, five or even six jets. Different finishes from shiny stainless steel to gun metal black and there’s even a choice of overhead flow with some of our towers offering a waterfall option too. Just one word of caution though, if you do decide on this ultimate style of morning ablutions, you may find you’re late for work on a few occasions.

When you do shop with us, you can also be confident in your purchase, thanks to the comprehensive guarantee we provide with every single purchase. So, with low prices, a great guarantee and a fantastic selection, why not take a look through our other sections to find the perfect products to compliment your new tower shower panel?