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Hansgrohe Raindance Showers

Raindance Technology from Hansgrohe

Whilst it may sound slightly whimsical to call a shower Raindance, Hansgrohe’s Select range certainly have some tempting shower heads that deliver your everyday ablutions in an effective yet delightful way, completely living up to expectation of walking through the rain except you get to choose the temperature.

And the real beauty of these rain inspired showers is that they are also environmentally friendly because the use of air to plump up the droplets leads to the flow of water being less. In fact it is possible to use up to 60% less water, now that is quite a big saving. But don’t worry, you won’t notice that you are using less of the wet stuff; in fact the air infused rain effect will give you a feeling of well-being because of the invigorating nature of both water and air which will get you waltzing out of the bathroom every morning.

The Hansgrohe Raindance Select makes Showering Simple

The company were the first company to introduce a ‘select’ button to their showers, giving you the choice to change the function of your shower head at the flick of a button. You can easily and quickly change between the different flows to change from a soft drenching to an invigorating massage. No more fumbling around, turning the head until you think you’ve found the optimum setting, just one click will take you from one setting to another.

Another of the many innovations that make these showers so appealing is their QuickClean technology. The jets that deliver the water are made from elastic silicon which means that all you need to do is lightly rub across the whole head every once in a while to keep them limescale free and delivery oodles of lovely aerated water.

So, why not select one of Hansgrohe raindance shower heads that will have you dancing in the rain, never mind singing in the shower.