Wet Room Drains

Drains, the vital component for your wet room

A wet room floor drain, gully or channel, whatever you want to call it, is a small but vitally important part of any wet room. After all, without one, your room would not only be a bit wet, it would be full of all that unwanted and used water.

Plenty of choice of drains to suit your style

So now we’ve established that you can’t have a wet room without a drain to dispose of the waste water, what choices do you have in this department? Well quite a lot really and the first thing you need to think about is whether you want to make a statement out of your waste disposal with a very modern glass linear gully or do you prefer to be more discrete, disguising the channel completely by matching it to your tiles. Either way, you’re not limited in the options available to you and here at the Bathroom Discount Centre we’ve got some of the best prices around to ensure that not only do you have the perfect drain for your wet room but you have not paid over the odds for it.

Options include linear channels which come with the standard looking grill panel that we all expect. Alternatively you can have a channel covered in a sleek glass panel in a range of colour choices such as black, white or green 4mm thick safety glass or you can simply disguise the channel completely with a piece of tiling to match the rest of the room. Another style is to have the gully across a corner of the floor which can look particularly neat and tucks it out of the way.

All the wet room floor drains come as a complete kit, with everything you need to install the gully into your wet room easily and quickly.

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