Light Shades

Light Shades, the East Way to Change Room Ambience

Light shades turn a plain ceiling or wall light into something much more aesthetically pleasing, adding a splash of colour to an otherwise pretty boring surface. We’ve got lamp shades of all types and we know that you’ll find what you want, regardless of whether you’re looking for an understated neutral lighting shade through to something that pops a little bit more. Regardless of what you choose though, there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of: the price you’ll pay will be much lower than nearly everywhere else online.

Currently all of the lamp shades on this site are manufactured by Astro Lighting, who are an incredibly well regarded name in the industry. When you buy any products made by them, you know you’ll be getting both great looks and durability. We’re always looking to add more lines to our light shades range though, so make sure you check back regularly to see if we’ve added anything new. Also, check our special offers section, to see if you can find any with even bigger discounts!

Consider the Overall Height of the Light when Looking at Shades

Whilst purchasing a light fixture for your home, the shade is often overlooked when it comes to the selection, however it can be the making or breaking of how effective a lamp can be. In our mind, it doesn’t deserve its lowly status for many reasons such as the fact that it is a relatively cheap option compared to a complete refit of your entire lighting so if budget is tight, you can still get a new and very stylish update.

So, please take some time and browse through the huge number of options we have here at the Bathroom Discount Centre. If you’d like any help choosing which light shade suits you best, please call us today and one of our team will be happy to speak to you.

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