Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor Heating Systems at Rock Bottom Prices

An underfloor heating system for your bathroom is the icing on the cake. What else can you add to give the bathroom that extra touch of luxury when you already have a room that looks great, with fantastic furniture and stunning colours. It’ll warm your feet from the moment you step into the room, as well as giving the whole space ambient warmth and it also won’t cost as much as you think it will, thanks to the discounts we’ve applied to everything in this section! So treat your feet, and the rest of your body, today with some underfloor heating from the Bathroom Discount Centre!

We sell everything you need to get your own system set up in your bathroom. This means that we have a range of heating mats, insulation boards and thermostats, all ready to be delivered directly to your door (delivery is free for orders over £500). This is some of the best quality products you’ll find, manufactured by Warmup, a well-regarded name within the industry. There are a range of options for you to choose from including mat, loose wire or an inscreed cable system.

There are several benefits to having your heating situated under the floor rather than a conventional heater on the wall. For starters, if you have a very small room there simply may not be space to mount a radiator on a wall. Another plus point if you opt for a water based solution is that it is likely to be cheaper to run because the temperature of the water used is lower. Lastly, let’s not forget how luxurious it feels to step onto a warm surface, especially first thing on a cold morning!

System Sizing for Underfloor Heating

We sell all of our systems in set sizes, so please make sure you measure your room correctly before ordering. If you would like any further advice on the best choice of an underfloor heating system or any other information you may need, please don’t hesitate to call or email us today.

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