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German Based Duravit Provides Stylish Bathrooms

The Duravit brand, especially in the UK, has a long and successful history of producing some of the finest quality bathroom furniture and accessories on the market, and has become a byword for excellence in sanitaryware design. Duravit’s bold shapes and sleek lines effortlessly combine elegance and practicality to suit the individual user’s requirements, whilst offering styles that appeal to even the most discerning of tastes.

From its beginnings as a German earthenware factory in 1817, the company has maintained a strong market presence throughout, moving first into porcelain and thence into sanitary ceramics. Today, the company has 10 production plants and over 5,000 employees distributing products worldwide, making it an international household name. With both innovative arrangements and a promise to never invest in “design for design’s sake”, its enduring popularity can largely be attributed to a consumer-centric approach that puts the needs of the user at the forefront of its ethos.

The designers themselves also play a key part in their success, with each one a specialist in their field. Combining classic and modern trends with ergonomic proportions and accessories, each designer’s style is constantly developing and evolving, allowing Duravit to stay at the leading edge of pioneering bathroom design.

In recognition of this, they have been the recipient of several international design awards over the years, celebrating their dedication to providing excellent quality products at affordable prices.

Duravit’s Eco Friendly Credentials

Duravit also champions the notions of environmental responsibility and sustainable business models, carefully selecting its materials, production methods and technological techniques to suit this practice. For this reason, the company continues to produce ceramics, using a combination of widely available materials such as clay and quartz in an effort to avoid depleting non-renewable resources.

The combination of eco-friendly mindsets, creative designs and outstanding products has made Duravit one of the leading sanitary ceramic manufacturers in the UK today. Offering durable, practical yet beautiful bathroom furniture to suit any and all tastes, this is a brand that will continue to innovate and excite generations of consumers for a long time to come.