Popular Bathroom Colour Schemes Throughout 2021

Home improvements have always been a favourite for many households' monthly spends, but they take high priority now more than ever as the pandemic makes us all yearn for a better quality of life where we live.

In this article, we take a closer look at bathroom colour trends which can transform a commonly aesthetically neglected space of the home. It might be a practical room, but it doesn’t have to be a dull room so why not give it some colour and excitement with any of these 2021 bathroom colour schemes:

First Things First - Why Prioritise Bathroom Decoration?

During the height of the pandemic, household spending in the UK dropped by over £100 pounds a week on average. Now though, as we come out of that peak pandemic period, we are spending plenty more on our quality of life at home.

For some, that means moving house. From March 2020 and March 2021 house prices in Cornwall rose by over 15% because many people wanted and continue to want to boost their home location.

For those who don’t want to move, home improvements are a popular financial investment boosting the quality of life of the whole family. Many people like to improve the most practical spaces first, because those spaces are used the most. Bathrooms, in particular, are incredibly important and make a great choice for your first home improvement project, especially when it comes to painting. Long gone are the days of neutrals being the only bathroom choice and by adding some colour to that room, it becomes an asset to your home beyond the practical offerings of the devices and utilities within it.

But I’m Scared To Use Colour In The Bathroom!

Many people feel hesitant to use colour in the home, especially in a room that can so easily look grubby and unhygienic with the wrong colour trends. Luckily, the top bathroom colour trends for 2021 listed below are perfect for the bathroom. There’s no grubbiness or darkening of small spaces and instead colour is used to enhance the space and work with its practical uses. 

With any of the colour trends listed below you can transform your bathroom without compromising on that beautiful crisp, hygienic feeling you expect from that kind of space.

The Top Bathroom Colour Trends For 2021

Classic White

A surprising first suggestion for a piece of content that so far, has suggested how to include lots of colour in your bathroom. However, there is a good reason for this. Pure white bathrooms have actually taken a back seat to grey, which dominated decor for a good few years. Grey is done now, though, as a replacement for white and beige, and crisper or warmer neutrals are back. A delicious chalk white in the bathroom gives it an instant lift whilst also providing the perfect backdrop for splashes of colour in tiles, towels and beautiful plants. We particularly love the vivid yellow and green of a Mother In Law's tongue, which copes well with the low light of a bathroom and looks gorgeous against a crisp white wall.


Some people are creating more zen in their bathroom with truly earthy tone from brown wall panelling, to dusky pink tiles and warm white walls. Natural materials within the space, such as raw wood tables, terracotta ornaments and wicker compliment the tones and create a warm but raw and grounded effect.


Terrazzo is a mixture of marble, glass, granite and other similar material mixed with a binder to create a colourful aesthetic. It can be found in tiles, flooring, furniture and yes, you’ve guessed it, in paint! Whilst terrazzo paint isn’t actually a thing, terrazzo paint effect is and it’s really popular in bathrooms at the moment. You can get an idea of how this paint effect is done in this handy YouTube video.

Lighter, Natural Greens

Lichen green, tide pool green or a richer creamier green are nature inspired and look absolutely stunning in a bathroom setting. All shades of green, including darker woodier shades are seen across decor in the home. However, lighter, natural greens really lean into a space like the bathroom where we refresh, revive and energise ourselves through the way we use the room. Green, as a colour, represents life, nature, earth and growth so it’s a beautiful energy to bring to such a regenerative room.

Oat Milk

As we mentioned above, grey, a cold neutral is long gone as we look back towards using white and warmer neutrals like oat milk, muslin, taupe and almond. Although warmer neutrals can feel like a lean towards beige, they tend to be more sophisticated in tone these days. As long as you avoid a generic colour, perhaps with a yellow tone, you won’t be dating your bathroom with this paint choice.

Water Based Blues

Blue is another decor colour choice, like green, that relates to our increasing appreciation and love of bringing nature and outdoor tones inside. In the bathroom, it’s refreshing if you lean away from ‘seaside’ tack in your blues, and instead opt for sea foams, sky blues and crisp arctic tones.

Pink, Pink, Pink

Pink is quite the statement as a bathroom colour, but done right, it isn’t a Barbietastic bubblegum result and instead, a rich, modern paint choice. Dusky pinks, pale pinks and pink pastels work incredibly well with popular bathroom materials like marble, metals, natural wood and mosaic. If you’re planty, you can expect a pink bathroom to make your plants look absolutely incredible. A green monstera deliciosa leaf against a pink background is so iconic the print can be seen everywhere at the moment. Green and pink are a really great colour combination, especially when the green comes from the natural pigmentation in plants.

Blue & Yellow

Blue and yellow together for a bathroom are a modern colour choice. The exact blue and yellow you choose has to be really carefully chosen. When it’s done right, though, the result is a really attractive colour clash that brings some cute visual interest to this practical room.

Split Walls

Some more adventurous homeowners are splitting their walls between patterns and tones to create a vibrant and eclectic colour scheme. Greens, blues, white and a more neutral colour look really great together. Of course, the beauty of this scheme is creating your own unique pallet for your bathroom.

Matchy But Not Matchy

In tiling, patterned flooring or other stronger prints in the bathroom colours within that are picked out and used as the colour scheme for paint elsewhere in the space. It’s matchy but not so matchy that the room looks like a catalogue.

Pink & Green

We mentioned pink and green above with pink as a base and plants as the green. This is because the two colours are an excellent colour match, and you can create that same effect with paint if you want to. Try not to mix creamy pastel green and pink as the overall look could look a little flat. Instead, lighter pinks and bold rich jungle greens look fantastic, bringing some life to this important room in the home. We also love a very pale pink and a minty green, which adds a little sharpness and retro cute to the overall look.

Colour! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams. Paul Gaugin

As you can see from our bathroom colour suggestions for 2021, you don’t have to be a maximalist in style to get maximum benefits from adding colour to your bathroom.

With the right paint choices for your taste, you can add a lick of paint to your bathroom that completely transforms it into a real style asset to your home, not just a practical space.