Corner Baths

corner baths, the obvious solution for unusually shaped bathrooms

Corner baths are a fantastic idea for those with unusually shaped bathrooms, or for those who simply enjoy the feeling of really being able to curl up in the tub and relax! In keeping with our name, we’ve resolved to bring you the most affordable baths anywhere on the internet. And bathtubs that will fit into a corner of your bathroom are no exception in terms of price as well as being of the highest quality and offer the best in style. You can trust us to really exceed your expectations when you shop with us!

Currently we offer corner fitting bathtubs from Clearwater as well as a stylish option from Bette, however we are constantly expanding our selection so you should check back soon to see any new additions. It’s all part of the complete service offered here at the Bathroom Discount Centre – a service that also extends to free deliveries on orders over £500 and a comprehensive guarantee on all products.

fitting two people into a corner bath

You can choose between a traditional freestanding style or a more contemporary style. The real beauty of this type of bath is its size, you’ll easily fit two people in comfortably. It is also an excellent way of making good use of a lack of space by allowing you to place the length of the bath across a corner rather than all the way down a wall. This will be particularly helpful in a room which has limited wallspace which has to be shared between the bath, toilet and wash-hand basin, not to mention a towel rail or heater.

We know that you’ll find exactly what you need here, regardless of whether it is corner baths, bathroom furniture or bathroom accessories. So please take a look around the site to find what you need! For any advice and information, please contact our customer service team today.

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